Coming September 13th:
“Pronunciation and Presentation Bootcamp”
an online course AND Live Training for Female STEM Professionals

Improving your Professional English Pronunciation & Presentation Skills will soon become a lot EASIER.

Have you ever grumbled? 


  • Nobody understands what I’m saying.”
  • “Everyone gets frustrated when I’m speaking.”
  • Nobody is asking questions, or even looking at the camera/me properly.”
  • “I am always so afraid when speaking in public.”
  • “I can’t pronounce some of the words in this process properly. We are NOT winning this sale!
  • “I have to do this presentation, but I’m so nervous.”
  • “Why am I always so nervous before I speak, even on camera?”
  • “Oh, there is so much data in this presentation. I’m going to have to write the numbers for them.”
  • “My job takes me all over the world. I don’t want to focus on just one English accent.”
  • “I wish I could understand native speakers, but they speak too quickly.”
  • I want to know the techniques to finally MASTER natural, spoken English communication.
  • “I don’t want to lose my accent, but I want more clarity when I speak.”

If you say this to yourself, this course is for you.

I created the Pronunciation & Presentation Bootcamp because...


  • People are still being publicly corrected during meetings and presentations.
  • Bilingual employees are losing confidence because others do not know how to listen.
  • Stakeholders are not developing relationships because of communication challenges.
  • Nobody is showing people how to make boring slides interesting.
  • Companies are losing sales because of poor pitching.
  • Organisations are losing money because of unclear communication.
  • Women are not being promoted or applying for projects they can manage.
  • I know what it feels like to have my confidence knocked and voice quietened at work.

A word from Christine 

What are the REWARDS? 

Presentation Framework
Build an efficient framework for every presentation you give. 
Improved Listening Skills
Hear and understand natural speech cues like pause and intonation. 


  • 3 Modules: Pronunciation | Preparation | Performance
  • 1-to-1 pre-enrolment pronunciation/presentation analysis.
  • New training content added monthly.
  • Weekly video/audio training, tasks, and challenges.
  • Weekly live accountability group calls.
  • Max 10 women per programme.
  • Small, private community group for support, questions and feedback on challenges
Confidence Control
Control your speaking confidence on every communication occasion. 
Get more clarity
Articulate clearly using the prosodic melody of English without losing your accent or “self”. 

In the Pronunciation & Presentation Bootcamp, we control confidence, play with pronunciation, prime your presentation, and phenomenalise your performance!

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