Pre-registration Open – The MVA Programme:
“Master your Mind, Modulate your Voice, Motivate your Audience

An engaging, online vocal mastery programme for Female Professionals

Live Vocal Coaching, Yoga for Vocal Production, Industry Leader Q&As and lots more!

A word from Christine...

Still not sure...Have you ever thought?

  • I can’t breathe? I need to build my speaking confidence.

  • Why do they make me present this slide? It’s like a short book!

  • Why don’t people ask me questions when I present?

  • I work globally. I want exposure to lots of different accents.

  • I’m a pretty good speaker. but I’d like to really WOW my audiences.

  • I’m not a storyteller. I do data!

  • They’re older and more experienced than me. Why would they want to listen?

  • I cannot build a relationship with that guy! He just doesn’t like me.

  • Why won’t they implement my ideas? I’m an expert!

  • I’m not comfortable with this. How do I script my response?

If you've thought this, the MVA Programme can help!

I created the MVA Programme because...

  • Women are still being publicly corrected during meetings and presentations.
  • Bilingual employees are losing confidence because others do not know how to listen.
  • Stakeholders are not developing relationships because of communication challenges.
  • Nobody is showing people how to make boring slides interesting.
  • Companies are losing sales because of poor pitching.
  • Organisations are losing money because of unclear communication.
  • Women are not being promoted or applying for projects they can manage
  • Women often speak less confidently pitching their businesses than males.
  • I know what it feels like to have my confidence knocked, expertise devalued, and voice silenced by others.

What are the REWARDS? 

Confidence Control
Control your speaking confidence on every communication occasion by mastering your breath and your mind. 
Master your Message
The stories we tell, sell. Enrapture your audiences using the power of your voice and a well-structured story.  


  • 1-2-1 goal-setting session.

  • Personalised talk, pitch or presentation plan. 

  • Weekly live accountability group calls

  • Complementary training

  • Industry Leader Q&As. 

  • Supplementary audio & video content.

  • Small, female-only group. 

  • Private community group for support, practice, questions & feedback.

  • Post-programme progress call

Increase your Clarity
Enhance your voice and articulate more clearly without losing your accent or ‘self’. 
Build Better Relationships
Learn how to adjust your speech and adapt your communication style to any situation or listener. 

On the MVA Programme, we control confidence, structure your story, amplify your voice, strengthen your relationships, get you noticed & get you promoted!

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