How do you articulate and present yourself at work?

How does this come across to others?

� I help aspiring leaders develop the pronunciation and communication skills, techniques and self-confidence needed to speak influentially on any screen or stage.

� I specialise in pronunciation for non-native English speakers, but find that native speakers have just as many ‘aha’ moments.

I coach individuals privately usually over 12 to 24 weeks on a bespoke Pronunciation and Workplace Communication Programme.

I only work with those who are ready to take action.

You are already:
–> Great at English.
–> Great at your job.
–> Ready for career advancement.

but feel something is missing.

❓ Maybe your presentations lack clarity and audience engagement?
❓ Maybe your tone of voice doesn’t communicate what you intend during meetings or in emails.
❓ Maybe your teachers didn’t know the differences between English pronunciation and your language.

and 2021 is your year to make a change!


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